Monday, July 30, 2012

Michigan Heat Wave

Today is another beautiful day in Michigan and we have finally gotten some much needed rain.  Many of our customers have wondered how we have any sweet corn and our other vegetables at all, based on the news reports.

Most of the state of Michigan and the Mid-west for that matter is still is a very serious drought situation.  Even our farm is not out of the woods yet.  You may notice some of the sweet corn not fully developed or missing kernals.  Some of our patches of sweet corn may have smaller ears than normal.  This is all because of the lack of rain.  We have started to harvest our crops earlier this year due to the excessive heat, and this is a nice benefit for you.  To help out with our crops, we are able to irrigate some of our fields.  This is a huge life saver for some of our vegetables. 

While we have lost a portion of our vegetables in the field due to the excessive heat and dry conditions, we also try to plan for some of this in the spring by over planting.  Some years this creates excessive vegetables, but in years like this year, we are still picking, but we don't have any excess.

So even if you think we are down and out, Michigan Farmers are some of the most resiliant people out there.  We keep our heads held high and try to work through those curve balls that mother nature sends our way...just about every year!  So get out and visit your local farmer, and farm markets.

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