Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Is it spring yet?!?!?!

I keep thinking spring will be here soon....then we get a blizzard on March 12th!!!!  We have plants growing in the greenhouse, but at this rate it will be July before we can get them into the's hope for mid-May.  Tomatoes are seeded and growing, along with some peppers, and lots of hanging baskets of flowers. 

We are not doing alot of planting today because Joe is out plowing snow at a few local businesses and around the farm.  Once again....the horses didn't get to go outside today, just like so many days this freezing cold winter.  Wow....I'm with everyone else.....enough is enough.  We got our snowmobiling in and now it's time for the tulips show up!

Well dig some veggies out of the freezer and make a pot of vegetable soup, or maybe some broccoli soup and stay warm, better weather is just around the corner....I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Friday, February 28, 2014

Here we are the last day of February and it is way to cold!   We had dirt delivered today so we can get planting for the 2014 season, it all starts again!  We have been working to get the heaters working properly...they don't even want to do their's too cold!!!!  Expecting our cuttings tomorrow because it is the best day to deliver this will be 27 degree's....hopefully!!!

Stick with us, as the season progresses we will go from seed to farm fresh veggies by mid-July!  Have a great March, with any luck it will be much warmer.