Sunday, June 24, 2012

Ready,'s almost veggie time!!!

I thought I better take the time to write today since I have written in a few weeks.  Typing is much easier without a cast!

Sweet Corn....looking very good!

Things have been very busy around the farm.  Joe has been spending about 14 hours or more a day getting the fields planted, cultivated, and sprayed.  It seems like we should just be able to sit back and watch everything grow....but it's not that simple.  We are still planting many kinds of veggies in the greenhouse, so that we can continue to transplant them into the fields.  We do this so we will be constantly picking fresh veggies until it freezes this fall.  As a matter of fact, we just seeded more broccali and cauliflower. 

Joe is also spending alot of time these days moving irrigation pipe.  We have not had enough we are doing our best the make it rain from the pond!   So if anyone out there know of a great rain dance....go ahead dance away!!!

Our youngest daughter Elizabeth is out of college for the summer and has been a great help around the farm.  She can drive any of the tractors and do just about any job her dad can find.  This week she will be  and cleaning and painting benches so we can start getting ready to open for the season and culivating sweet corn.   She will spend many hours driving up and down the rows of corn getting rid of weeds.  This helps out a tremendous amount, and she thinks she is awesome driving around this big equipment.

Joe took some pictures today of one of the fields of sweet corn.  It looks good, but could use some more rain.  Remember to do your rain dance!

Tomatoes are coming along very nicely....I can't wait until this one gets just a little bit riper!