Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Windy Day

 Well thank goodness the wind died down today.  Almost had a major greenhouse issue...the new plastic let loose and was flopping around in the wind.  Joe got a few friends to help pull it back down and get everything buttoned back in place.  Today he is spending most of the day getting his equipment in working order.  He had to take the big JD tractor in for an oil leak, I guess he can't fix everything! 

I'm heading to Lansing tomorrow for a Farm Bureau Conference; Voice of Ag.  I am a member of the Farm Bureau State Promotion and Education Committee and we are working with Michigan Farm Bureau to put on this conference.

The purpose of the two-day conference is to provide members with new ideas, training and leadership development to spread positive agricultural messages. The conference will help those seeking to bridge the gap between agriculture and consumers through communications, education and promotion efforts.
We planted geraniums and some hanging baskets in the greenhouse.  Such a warm cozy place to work!  Well I will post again when I get back and let you know what is new around the state in the agricultural circles!!!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

So here we go...

So here we go...our first blog.  Boy has this farm come a long way.  When this family first started farming, the city roads we know now were just two track dirt roads.  They used horse drawn wagons and plows, and everything was had picked.  Here we are today....computers, facebook, twitter and GPS.  We use horse power instead of horses and computers and GPS to track everything from expenses to planting our crops in the field.  The one thing that has stayed the same is the hand picking.  We still hand pick all our vegetables we sell at our market.

Keeping our customers happy with the freshest vegetables around is our goal.  Check back in to see how our season progresses.